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No, I am sorry. The Hermes Picotin bag doesn’t know how to play hard-to-get and doesn’t know how to play hide-and-seek either. It’s available in almost every Hermes boutique, waiting for you to pick it up. Though it couldn’t reach to the level of the iconic Hermes Birkin bag, it’s still a terrific buckle/tote bag to carry around. And the design is not you see very often in high fashion designer brands, it’s unique and changing regularly to distinctive bags is a very healthy attitude. The Hermes picotin bag, looks more like a small buckle bag. It’s not comparable to the Alexander Wang’s buckets that needs to be carried around your shoulder This is a tote version, take the handles, load it with your personal items and you are good to go. Easy huh? This bag holds shape and is made to last forever. It’s not recommended, but if you decide to stuff it up, this bag has zero problem swallowing all your essentials without expanding. Like all Hermes bags, dig deeper into the details. The bags we have displayed are made from taurillon clemence leather, durable, strong and smooth. It’s available in silver palladium hardware, which is much better than gold. The Picotin is not made to show off, no excessive colors and logos, but then again, it’s Hermes, is flaunting necessary? While most Hermes iconic lock are found on the top of the bag, the Picotin decided to place it on the front, so that everyone can see that your bag is locked. And when imagine further, this is actually a great beach bag and can effortlessly switched into a shopping bag. The colors available: black, blue, light brown and dark brown. Size: 7’’ x 7.5’’ x 5.5’’
hermes-picotin-bag-brown-1 Hermes Picotin Bag in Brown
hermes-picotin-bag-black-1 Hermes Picotin Bag in Black
hermes-picotin-bag-dark-brown-1 Hermes Picotin Bag in Cafe
hermes-picotin-bag-green-1 Hermes Picotin Bag in Dark Blue
hermes-picotin-bag-ocean-blue-1 Hermes Picotin Bag in Ocean Blue

Hermes surely knows when and how to strike while the iron is hot. Just recently, this French fashion powerhouse presented their beautifully structured Fall/Winter 2016 Collection during the Paris Fashion Week. What you’re seeing right now is one of the bags that made it at the said runway show and just by looking at it without blinking an eye, one can immediately notice the opulence and elegance it exudes.

This is a canvas bag that looks extra plush and stylish as compared to other regular canvas bags out there. One can just hook this bag in her arms for that added glam and sophistication. This bag is perfect for any occasion whether at the office, attending a big meeting with a prospective client, at the mall as you go shopping or at your favorite coffee shop as you take a sip out of your favorite caramel macchiato. This bag is also perfect for complementing any casual look so better pair it with your flowy white dress or any denim ensemble. The prices are not released yet, we will keep you informed.

Hermes recently presented their Fall/Winter 2016 Collection during the Paris Fashion Week. Although there were very few bags that made it to the runway, Hermes gave a sneak peek of the bags included in the collection before the show happened.

Hermes introduces the Bâton de Craie Bag, a minimalist design that features a jewel-like clasp. It comes in Shoulder Bag and Clutch. The iconic Constance Bag is back this season which comes in a checkered pattern, that is also seen in a new bucket bag made of canvas and leather.

The brand presents the newest Kelly Bag, the Mini Kelly size. The Shark print is seen in the Bolide bag and id tags.

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