At Wednesday night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, sexy lingerie and lace-up thigh-highs were the stars of the runway, but Yolanda Hadid was the MVP in the audience. Gigi and Bella’s mom had a front-row seat to the show, and her daughters weren’t the only ones excited to see her there. After his epic performance, Bella’s ex-boyfriend The Weeknd ran over to give Yolanda a big hug—to audible gasps from the audience. And he’s not the only one who got an embrace: After Lady Gaga stepped off of the stage, she immediately took off her giant platform boots and ran to give a hug and a kiss to the Mama Bear. The mom posed with Balmain's Olivier Rousteing and, of course, her gorgeous daughters. "Thank you to my girls for bringing me to Paris to witness this special moment in time," she wrote alongside a sweet Instagram.
It’s safe to say that Yolanda was this year’s Kris Jenner—models and audience members alike lined up to give her a warm embrace. So how did the mom-of-three become a stage mom for seemingly all of Hollywood? Love, support, and a whole lot of famous friends. 1. SHE KNOWS THE BUSINESS. Years before Gigi, Bella, and Anwar were storming down seemingly every runway, their mom was a major model in her own right. She knows how hard the modeling world can be, which is why she’s the perfect person to give them advice. 2. SHE’S BACKSTAGE AT ALMOST EVERY SHOW. When 20-year-old Bella needs a rock to lean on, she can count on her mom being there. 3. SHE’S CLOSE WITH HER KIDS’ FRIENDS.Every mom knows that when she gets in with her kids’ friends, she’s officially cool. Plus, it doesn’t help that her daughter’s BFF is Taylor Swift. 4. SHE’S A PRO AT POSING FOR PICTURES. Bella loves her mom so much, she’d sacrifice a smushy-face photo to give her a smooch. 5. AND SHE MAKES THE PERFECT RED CARPET DATE. Who needs the drama of bringing a S.O. to an award show when you can bring your fashionable mom? 6. SHE LETS HER KIDS HAVE THE SPOTLIGHT. Yolanda isn’t a stage mom who’s dying for attention: She’s cool with letting Gigi step out first to get a chic street style shot—she’ll be waiting just a few steps behind her. 7. BUT SHE WON’T LET THE PAPARAZZI MESS WITH THEM. When 16-year-old Anwar had camera lights flashing in front of his face, mama Yolanda swooped in to help guide him through the madness. 8. SHE’S SUPPORTIVE OF THEIR RELATIONSHIPS. Gigi’s mom was there for her during her Joe Jonas phase, and equally as supportive of her relationship with Zayn. Yolanda regrammed a cute pic of the lovebirds, writing, “Happiness is seeing your kids happy and realizing they turned out to be really good and genuine people.” 9. SHE’S A SELFIE PRO. Just look at that sly smile—it’s no wonder Gigi and Bella have perfected the tight-lip grin. 10. SHE ALWAYS SHARES HER SPOTLIGHT. When Yolanda was honored with the Power of One award at the 2015 Global Lyme Alliance Inaugural Gala, she shared the stage with her gorgeous daughter for a powerful speech. 11. SHE EXTENDS HER MOTHERLY LOVE PAST HER FAM. Just look at that adorable gaze—Anna Kendrick totally wants Yolanda to be her stage mom, too.