Louis Vuitton Fall 2017 Bag Collection

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Louis Vuitton Fall 2017 Runway Bag Collection Louis Vuitton Fall 2017 Bag Collection

Louis Vuitton Fall 2017 new version handles bag aboard a city made for it, though, like all the cute little glittery Malle Clutch. This is a collection of variations built there, successful Louis Vuitton bag idea build each new theme or drop any new blockbuster. Louis Vuitton Fall 2017 bag collection does include a new bag, which is a sharp cornered day purse with double top handles and locks. It’s part of a new collection–something about trim and proportions that make it like something you think is fabulous. Below is the collection of Louis Vuitton Fall 2017 bag from the runway.

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Louis Vuitton 2017 Bags

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The high fashion brand, CHANEL kembali meluncurkan campaign untuk koleksi Cruise 2017. Nuansa classy yet feminine yang kental pada signature style CHANEL, terlihat pada campaign yang berlokasi di seaside ini. 
Head over to CHANEL Cruise 2017 for classic outfit inspirations! Yup, kali ini French notable fashion brand, CHANEL, kembali merilis campaign pada koleksi Cruise 2017. Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, campaign yang mengambil setting di seaside ini berhasil memberikan classy yet effortless spirit pada setiap koleksinya.
Starring models Mica Arganaraz and Stella Tennant, koleksi CHANEL Cruise 2017 dibawakan secra elegan dan free-spirited. Pada campaign CHANEL terbaru ini, terlihat beberapa fashionable items, seperti spencer and tweed jacket, Bermuda shorts, embroidered sweater dan knit skirt. Casual colorful T-shirt dengan detail wording juga memberi warna pada koleksi CHANEL Cruise 2017. It’s definitely a collection that you will always remember!

Chanel unveils cruise 2017 campaign

Chanel unveils cruise 2017 campaign

After setting Chanel’s cruise 2017 collection in Havana, Cuba, the French fashion brand brings the city’s spirit to its cruise campaign. Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, the advertisements star models Mica Arganaraz and Stella Tennant. Stella takes on evening styles including sharp suiting such as a spencer jacket or tiered petticoat. In contrast, Mica channels daytime looks with casual t-shirts, knit separates and Bermuda shorts. Discover more from Chanel’s cruise advertisements below.


Karl Lagerfeld photographs Chanel's cruise 2017 campaignKarl Lagerfeld photographs Chanel’s cruise 2017 campaignStella Tennant stars in Chanel's cruise 2017 advertising campaignStella Tennant stars in Chanel’s cruise 2017 advertising campaignInspired by Cuba, Chanel unveils cruise 2017 campaignInspired by Cuba, Chanel unveils cruise 2017 campaign
Mica Arganaraz stars in Chanel's cruise 2017 campaignMica Arganaraz stars in Chanel’s cruise 2017 campaignMica Arganaraz wears tweed jacket and Bermuda shorts from Chanel’s cruise 2017 collectionMica Arganaraz wears tweed jacket and Bermuda shorts from Chanel’s cruise 2017 collectionAn image from Chanel's cruise 2017 campaignAn image from Chanel’s cruise 2017 campaignChanel features embroidered sweater and knit skirt in cruise 2017 campaignChanel features embroidered sweater and knit skirt in cruise 2017 campaign

Chanel Cruise 2017 campaign Mica Arganaraz

“This is all about my vision of Cuba. But of course, what do I know about Cuba? It is very childish, my idea,” said Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel’s Cruise 2017 show. Staged in its capital Havana in May, the show saw the inimitable designer reimagine the nation’s history and heritage through Che Guevara berets (a “playful nod” to the Marxist revolutionary), prints of Cadillacs and cigars, and other Cuba-flavoured iterations of the house’s signature designs.

Now, Chanel has unveiled the collection’s accompanying campaign – a series of images shot by Lagerfeld, like nearly all of its visuals. To model the range, the designer enlisted Argentinian beauty Mica Arganaraz and British androgyne Stella Tennant, capturing them on the sun-soaked streets of Havana and on the coast.

Over the past few years, Chanel has staged its shows in a number of far-flung locations, from Dallas and Dubai to Salzburg and Seoul – where the house chooses to hold its next is anyone’s guess.

The unveiling of this campaign comes just weeks after Chanel’s SS17 ready-to-wear show which saw the worlds of fashion and tech collide – servers filled the set, ‘Chanel bots’ walked the runway and colourful cables inspired the prints.

Photo: Karl Lagerfeld

Back in May, Chanel became the first luxury house to hold a runway show in Havana, Cuba — designer Karl Lagerfeld had never even visited the island until days before the event — and flew 700 guests and 45 models to the picturesque (and very trendy) locale for a weekend-long extravaganza to celebrate the French label's cruise 2016/2017 collection. With their gifted Chanel fedoras, a fleet of colorful, vintage convertibles on hand to shuttle them around town, local musicians providing a live runway soundtrack and an organized group outing to Cabaret Tropicana, attendees were given a crash course in Cuban culture — well, at least Lagerfeld's romanticized (if not slightly myopic) ideas about Cuban culture. "This is all about my vision of Cuba," Lagerfeld told The Cut. "But of course, what do I know about Cuba? It is very childish, my idea."

The collection, which featured both stereotypical and subtle nods to the country (for instance, the tweeds and touristy T-shirts in vibrant colors, several takes on the guayabera, a traditional Cuban shirt, and separates in military-inspired olive green) was undeniably Chanel, and in keeping with the season's theme, Lagerfeld shot models Mica Arganaraz and Stella Tennant around the streets of Havana and along the rocky coastline. According to a release, the black berets the models wear in the images are "a playful nod to Che," and the color palette is inspired by "the vibrant facades of Havana." Considering how many editorials have been shot in Cuba over the past year, we expect this to be just one of many campaigns set on the island in the seasons to come.

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Introducing the Bottega Veneta 2017 Runway Bag Collection. The brand presented sophisticated and elegant handbags this season. Bottega Veneta’s classic designs were featured in the collection like the Monaco, Cabat, Olimpia, Brera and Knot bags. The Knot Bags comes in crocodile with silver intrecciato details. A variety of shoulder bags were presented this season including flap bags with knotted shoulder strap and mini zipped bags in Ayers. Another new design is the mini flap bags attached together turning it into one chic bag. Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-44 Bottega Veneta’s 2017 Runway Bag Collection didn’t fail to disappoint. Right at the beginning, it gave us the WOW factor that we’ve all been expecting from this Italian luxury power house. The myriad of bags paraded during the runway is such a feast to our eyes and music to our ears, which was something we always look forward to. The brand presented several sophisticated, posh and refined handbags this season. There was a great variety from different types of bags such as flap bags, mini zipped bags, top handle bags, totes, shoulder bags, and clutch bags; the materials used from crocodile skin, leather and others; and colors from bright shocking red, blue, black, green, violet, pink, and brown among others. These are two of the bags from the collection that has caught us our attention. This particularly white shoulder bag is embodying “simplicity at its finest.” Its off white color and minimalistic design is perfect for casual wear. Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-6 This black Crocodile bag on the other hand is nothing but pure luxury in all its angles. One will definitely feel elegant upon clutching and holding on to this bag. Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-2 Introducing the Bottega Veneta 2017 Bag Collection. The collection features a variety of shoulder bags including those that were presented during the runway show. These includes the double micro shoulder bags and compact shoulder bags with pockets. The brand’s iconic Intrecciato leather comes with nappa leather, karung and snakeskin this season. A mix of colors such as black, blue, beige, gray and pink are seen in the brand’s latest handbags. Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-3 It’s amazing how so few designers realize the abject appreciation they’ll be given for allowing women a glimpse of simple, reserved, perfectly cut tailoring. From the moment Jamie Bochert opened the Bottega Veneta show wearing a long black cashmere coat, black turtleneck, slim, very slightly flared pants, and a long and skinny knitted scarf wound around her neck, Tomas Maier should have felt the audience love radiating all the way backstage. Anyway: With this season, he has come to his senses, dispensed with theme (who needs it?) and applied himself the one thing which is so frustratingly elusive to find in today’s hotchpotch fancied-up fashion: a method for looking grown-up, and proud of it. In the febrile celebrity model–spotting atmosphere of the shows in Milan, it was notable that this time, it was Brochart and the dignified Julia Nobis (dressed in a pale beige cashmere pantsuit) who magnetized envious eyes. Kendall Jenner was there on the runway later, too, wearing a purple knit dress that made her look considerably older than her years. But essentially, this is a collection which separates the women from the girls. You suddenly realized that you must aspire to be old enough to wear these clothes—and how many collections can make a woman feel positively relaxed and smug about that? Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-4Beginning in September, Bottega Veneta will make some big changes to its presentation structure. Designer Tomas Maier will integrate the brand's men's and womenswear shows for its spring/summer 2017 presentation during Milan Fashion Week. "2017 marks an important year for Bottega Veneta and it deserves a proper celebration in view of [the brand's] further development," chief executive Carlo Alberto Beratta told Business of Fashion. "Showing women and men together is quite an organic move for us. Tomas Maier's vision is of Bottega Veneta as a lifestyle brand, built on both genders, and it has been like this for the last 15 years of his creative direction," Beratta said. "He actually already included some women's looks in the Autumn/Winter 2017 men's show in January." The combined show will celebrate the brand's 50th anniversary, as well as 15 years under the creative direction of Maier. It's still unknown whether Bottega Veneta will take this approach beyond this season. "I believe this approach may be continued, moving forward into 2017 as a natural evolution," Beratta said. "Our aim is always to decide in accordance with the brand's philosophy in any step we take, so the factors in making this decision will be what makes more sense for the brand itself. We are not in a rush, we would rather pursue an organic evolution." In related news, Burberry revealed plans back in February to show only two presentations annually. In addition to also combining menswear and womenswear shows, the British label will make its upcoming biannual collections "seasonless," and eveything will also be available to buy immediately after the shows. The esteemed British label will no longer show two annual menswear ranges on the London Collections: Men runway — which were previously staged in January and June. The brand still plans to work with LCM and is finding other ways to participate. The schedule shift is an effort to focus on consumers and retail availability, as opposed to just the runway show event. Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-5 While these versions have been iterated many a time and oft during prior seasons, some designers went out-and-out innovational in this category this time around bringing forth family ties – Siamese twin purple and red bags at Bottega Veneta and a mother + daughter package spotted at DSquared2. Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-7 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-8 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-9 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-10 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-11 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-12 img src=”http://www.ebcod.com/img5/Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-13.jpg” alt=”Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-13″ width=”745″ height=”1320″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-140908″ /> Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-14 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-15 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-16 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-17 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-18 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-19 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-20 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-21 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-22 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-23 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-24 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-25 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-26 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-27 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-29 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-30 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-31 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-32 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-33 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-36 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-37 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-38 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-39 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-40 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-41 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-42 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-43 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection

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THE spring/summer 2017 shows are well underway, and we’re already compiling our arm-candy wish lists for the season. The news so far? Good things come in tiny packages: at Valentino, lipstick cases were worn on chains round the body; at Hermès similarly tiny matchboxes were strung and hung from wrists; at Chanel, bags comprised miniature robots; while Louis Vuitton went one step further on the digital trail and showcased miniature Petite Malle iPhone cases. At the other extreme sit Balenciaga’s inflated thigh-slammers and Dior’s attention-grabbing slogans, and somewhere in the middle, Céline’s snap-fastening vintage-looking lady bags. Keep up to date and see all the spring/summer 2017 bag trends and styles straight from the catwalks.

LIKE the Balenciaga show just an hour before, at Céline Phoebe Philo also appeared to be both refining and softening her silhouette, adding a graceful prettiness to her woman and replacing the harder utilitarian feel of seasons before. Proportions were gentler, more feminine, although the tailoring and cut was no less precise.

One slate grey suit, with wide sloping shoulders, was so finely tuned, the edges so razor sharp, one wondered how her pattern cutters had managed to construct it like this. Its futuristic line was then upended by a flare of sheer nylon (or silk georgette) at the ankle, as if the suit was being worn over the underlining of a dress which was naughtily trying to attract the spotlight - a further push at the notion of underwear as outerwear, a trend that has been hovering for several seasons now. A crisp blue shirt dress, sleeves crunched and folded above the elbow, was finished at the bottom with fluttering turquoise georgette pleats. A moulding of daywear into night.


Following up on the Celine Spring Summer 2017 Runway, remember the oversized minimalistic shopping bag and the new chic tote bag? Well, here are more detailed images…


The large shopping bag is very long, so perhaps it should take the tittle of ‘neverfull’. It can be either carried on your shoulder or you can just grab the whole bag by hand. Because of its enormous size, perhaps you can think of a few occasions when you really need a bag this big. Think of shopping days or when you need to stay at your friend’s house for the weekend.



Another bag that grabbed our attention is a super-elegant tote bag. The minimal design makes it perfect for work or important events when you need to dress classy with heels. This bag is perfect for casual-chic days as well.

So what do you think? Are you ready for the next season?


















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Chanel’s Cruise 2017 collection handbags

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We love this khaki take on Chanel’s classic quilted purse. From the colourful fabric woven through the chain strap to the eclectic brooches, this purse is a not-too-serious take on a Chanel classic.
It hardly looks like a bag at all, but this wood and metal object is very much a minaudiere from the Cruise collection. We love the vintage vibe of this clutch, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a pretty sundress or a diaphanous skirt.
Not only does this purse have an interesting shape, but also some eye catching contrasts. Made from strips of wood and colourful tweed, this bag is the easiest way to lend some tropical charm to a formal outfit.
The collection offers another cool take on tweed with this drawstring bag. The gold details add some refinement to the playful purse.
This summer, don’t leave home without this adorable macramé purse complete with the double C lock. It might be a touch to casual for evening, but it’s perfect for a breezy brunch date.
The collection delivers sequins in spades. This bag offers a tropical take on the American flag with palm trees replacing the usual stars.
This woven hobo bag is so unexpected from a brand like Chanel that we can’t help but love it. With that easy slouchy shape and the woven pastel colors, this is the bag you’ll want to take to the beach all summer long.

Chanel’s Cruise 2016/17 collection will be available in boutiques from November.

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